Travel Tips For The Busy Holiday Season

Airport Travel Tips

With a number of top airfare and travel deals attracting an increasing number of travelers, this holiday season is set to be among the busiest in years. Here are some important travel tips to help you avoid those nasty airport delays.

Wrap Gifts Upon Arrival. Leave gifts (checked and carry on) unwrapped because wrapped gifts may need to be opened for further inspection.

Allow Sufficient Time. Arrive at the airport two hours prior to scheduled departure time.

Don’t Lock Checked Baggage. Leave baggage unlocked or use TSA-approved locks
in case it needs to be opened and inspected.

Carry Film. Don’t Pack It. Carry ALL film in carry-on baggage. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage undeveloped film.

Identify Baggage. Place identification tags inside and outside all baggage and laptops.

Pack Smart. Airlines are enforcing regulations for carry-ons. Visit airline websites for information on baggage per person, number, size and weight restrictions.

News: Cheap International Airfares

Latest News on finding cheap international airfares

Growing presence of low cost carriers prompts airlines to focus on cost reduction. But, fuel prices are not the only area of concern for airlines these days.
Stiff competition in the airline ticket market is forcing airlines to reduce airfares, making it easier to find some cheap internation airfares and affordable local airline ticket deals.

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As soaring fuel costs put pressure on airline
ticket prices, intense competition in the North American market is keeping
Transborder and Domestic ticket price increases minimal according to a recent
BTI Canada Benchmarking Study. Corporate Canada's air travel activity remains
strong despite these increases, as the total number of airline tickets sold in
2004 rose slightly.
"Without a doubt, intense competition is benefiting customers. The
striking difference between International and North American price increases
in 2004 is largely attributable to legacy and low cost carriers' fierce
battle," says Michele Ferrari, Senior Vice President, Client Management, BTI
Canada. "While the less competitive International marketplace has allowed
legacy carriers to incorporate rising fuel costs into that sector's ticket
prices, in North America they've concentrated on reducing costs. However, with
many legacy carriers planning to focus growth efforts on the more lucrative
International routes, competition will likely intensify and make price
increases more moderate."
Unique to the Canadian market, the BTI Canada Benchmarking Study is a
semi-annual report that measures corporate travel activity booked by BTI
Canada. The study identifies and analyses key Canadian business travel
industry trends.


For the latest airline ticket deals browse the Google Listings on this site you'll find some really cheap airline tickets and cheap international airfares.

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Finding the cheapest airfares
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Travel Experts offer their favorite money saving tips

With the recent strengthening of the dollar against the Euro and pound, it may be time for Americans to reconsider a European vacation. Travel experts on the ground in Europe say it's possible to stretch those greenbacks even further by keeping an eye out for bargains and taking advantage of the freebies offered in many cities.

Do Your Homework Before You Go

-- Check the Websites operated by European cities and tourist authorities. They often have schedules of free and discounted attractions.

-- The Web now features several comprehensive travel research sites. These sites have city, restaurant and attraction guides for European cities, as well as hotel reviews from European tourists who live in the U.S. and on the Continent. The sites offer unbiased information and they're free to browse.

Finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets:

-- For more affordable seats, try to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday during the daytime hours.

-- Summer flights after August 15th will be less expensive.

-- Include a Saturday night stay if possible.

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Details of the Airline Seats you've booked

Very Nice Travel Website
Everything you need to know about the really cheap plane seats you’ve booked online

Whether you’re traveling on a local or international flight it helps to get a little information about the seats you’re about to book online. is a wonderful travel site which offers you loads of information about the types of seats available of a wide range of airlines.

Buying really cheap airline tickets online can be a tricky but if your empower yourself with the right knowledge you’ll be able to avoid the disappointment of have to sit the a worst seat for over 12 hours. features full details of all the seats in a number of different planes operating on over 25 different airlines.
Among their list of airlines are: American Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta Airline and US Airways.

If you’re planning to book some really cheap airline tickets on any these airlines then it’s best to visit this excellent site for more details about the seating arrangements.

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