Cheap International Airline Tickets

Tips to finding really cheap International Airline Tickets

Search Thoroughly
Do a thorough search to make certain you have a cheap international airline ticket, even if you use a travel agent, contact all the airlines that fly where you want to go and ask what the lowest airfare is to your international destination.Look into all airlines that serve the market you are interested in, including low-cost carriers that offer low airfares. Many times the major carriers will match the airfares of a low-cost airline between the same cities; but often this will only be for a certain limited number of seats on each flight. On a low-cost carrier, find out what you get for your money: baggage transfers from one carrier to another, meals, advance seat assignments, etc.

Last Minute International Airline Ticket Specials
A number of airlines and travel websites run last minute promotions every week; You need to register as a member of sites such as to receive notification of these last minute international airline ticket specials. See the Web sites for information about these programs

Check on Alternate Airports and Routings
When travelling to a large metropolitan area, an international airline ticket price could depend on which airport you use. For example, if you are going to Southeast Florida and plan to rent a car, it might not make much difference if you fly to Miami or Ft. Lauderdale, except for airline ticket price. Also, a connection (change of planes) or a one-stop flight is sometimes cheaper than a nonstop. Always check on alternate airports and routings when pricing an international airline ticket.

Frequent-Flyer Miles
If you are a member of an airline's frequent-flyer program and you are considering buying a promotional or deep discount airfare, ask if your international airline ticket will earn frequent-flyer miles.%

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