How to find last minute flight discounts

How to find last minute flight discounts
Cheap Airline Tickets

Let's start with some basic tips to tap cheap flights on the web...

Before moving towards the actual source of cheap airline tickets, it would be a good idea to learn the various options available on travel search form.

Try different dates while filling up the form. Chances are there that you may find cheap airline tickets on a particular day of the week.

You may be able to get a more favourable deal simply by choosing a different airport, say in a nearby city. In general, the smaller the airport, the higher fares. You may not mind driving another 25 miles to save up to $75 per ticket. In international flights the price difference between two nearby airports may get as much as $200.

Try to specify one passenger at a time rather than getting cheap airline tickets for multiple passengers at the same rime. That way you may get a cheaper airline tickets per passenger. Later you may add each passenger in successive stages.

Try to avoid the peak hours. Always remember 7-7 rule - try the flights departing either before 7 AM or after 7 PM. That way you will increase your chances of finding cheap airline tickets. You will also avoid overcrowding and may get more space for yourself and your luggage.

Remember TWS - it's easier to get flights on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday. Mondays are typically busy. Airline tickets are often higher on Sundays and holidays. It may also help to stay over a Saturday night. In general, it's easier to get cheap airfare during middle of the week.

Try the prices on at least 2-3 airlines. Sometimes the price differences are enormous. Remember to discount the difference for a potential loss of frequent flyer mileage points. At times you may not get full mileage points with certain discount airline fares. It's a good idea to compare the fares on Southwest Airlines (usually better), American Airlines, Delta and Continental Airlines.

Try a connection or one-stop flight. They are sometimes cheaper than the non-stop direct flights.


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