How to Avoid Getting Bumped

Don't ever get bumped again.

Airlines try not to bump their high-paying business and first-class passengers. But airlines routinely oversell their flights, and no one is entirely immune from being bumped. Aside from paying top dollar, there are a few more things you can do to avoid the hassle of being denied boarding.

When airlines bump passengers, they usually begin with the people who checked in last (even if they arrived before the check-in deadline). This is why it's important to get your name punched into the computer as soon as possible.

Airline personnel are required by law to ask for volunteers to be bumped before they start choosing people to bump. If you are being bumped against your will, be sure to insist that gate agents ask for volunteers first.

Reconfirming domestic flights is not mandatory anymore, but always call your airline to reconfirm international flights.

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