Cheap airfares for Students

Really Cheap Airline Tickets for Students
Cheap Student Flights at Opodo

If you are a student, you know how expensive airline tickets can be to fly home for a holiday, or fly somewhere on spring break, or even for a school-related conference. If you agreed with any part of that last sentence, you don't have an ISIC card.

ISIC is the International Student Identification Card - and your key to HUGE savings. Many people don’t realize the value of this card and how much money it can save you on your airline ticket prices.

All you have to do is find a local travel store (maybe your school has one) that can make you an ISIC Card - it takes a picture of you, half a page of a form, and about $10-$16. Then, when you go to book a flight ticket or find pricing, at a site like, tell the travel agent you have an ISIC Card - the prices will plummet.

Try this - find out the price first, and then tell the agent I have an ISIC Card - it is always nice to know how much you’re saving.

Here's a real example of how your ISIC card can save you money on your airline ticket. You have to attend a conference - the company is paying but you’re still a fan of saving them money. You scour every internet fare, every travel agent, everything. The cheapest airline tickets you can find were just over $1400. Then you call up a travel agency or visit Opodo and tell them that you have an ISIC Card – and just like that you make over 50% saving on your airfare, you now have a really cheap airline ticket – online $539. What a deal!

The card also has other benefits, such as hotel, rental car, food, and theme park discounts. This card is only available to students though, and proof of enrollment is required to get the card.

The moral of the story - if you are a student and value money, get yourself an ISIC card.

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