Travel Tips For The Busy Holiday Season

Airport Travel Tips

With a number of top airfare and travel deals attracting an increasing number of travelers, this holiday season is set to be among the busiest in years. Here are some important travel tips to help you avoid those nasty airport delays.

Wrap Gifts Upon Arrival. Leave gifts (checked and carry on) unwrapped because wrapped gifts may need to be opened for further inspection.

Allow Sufficient Time. Arrive at the airport two hours prior to scheduled departure time.

Don’t Lock Checked Baggage. Leave baggage unlocked or use TSA-approved locks
in case it needs to be opened and inspected.

Carry Film. Don’t Pack It. Carry ALL film in carry-on baggage. Checked baggage screening equipment will damage undeveloped film.

Identify Baggage. Place identification tags inside and outside all baggage and laptops.

Pack Smart. Airlines are enforcing regulations for carry-ons. Visit airline websites for information on baggage per person, number, size and weight restrictions.

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