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Growing presence of low cost carriers prompts airlines to focus on cost reduction. But, fuel prices are not the only area of concern for airlines these days.
Stiff competition in the airline ticket market is forcing airlines to reduce airfares, making it easier to find some cheap internation airfares and affordable local airline ticket deals.

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As soaring fuel costs put pressure on airline
ticket prices, intense competition in the North American market is keeping
Transborder and Domestic ticket price increases minimal according to a recent
BTI Canada Benchmarking Study. Corporate Canada's air travel activity remains
strong despite these increases, as the total number of airline tickets sold in
2004 rose slightly.
"Without a doubt, intense competition is benefiting customers. The
striking difference between International and North American price increases
in 2004 is largely attributable to legacy and low cost carriers' fierce
battle," says Michele Ferrari, Senior Vice President, Client Management, BTI
Canada. "While the less competitive International marketplace has allowed
legacy carriers to incorporate rising fuel costs into that sector's ticket
prices, in North America they've concentrated on reducing costs. However, with
many legacy carriers planning to focus growth efforts on the more lucrative
International routes, competition will likely intensify and make price
increases more moderate."
Unique to the Canadian market, the BTI Canada Benchmarking Study is a
semi-annual report that measures corporate travel activity booked by BTI
Canada. The study identifies and analyses key Canadian business travel
industry trends.


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