Beware: Secret of Airline Ticket Websites

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In a recent article the about online marketing techniques used by many companies, Joshua Thorn of the Washington Post highlights the fast the some airline ticket websites are customizing adverts and manipulating airfares based on information about consumers.

This data is often obtained without your knowledge and the airline ticket company is able to use this information to maximize their returns.

Thorn, highlights the fact that some companies deliberately offer discounted airfares to first time buyers in the hope that these really cheap airline tickets will attract you and then once you’re a regular customer the airfares offered to you are gradually increased.

He asked, University of Utah professor Rob Mayer who is an adviser to Consumers Union's WebWatch project, whether travel sites offer certain customers different prices depending on their online history.

The answer he received was: “I won't say it doesn't happen.”

Food for thought – next time you’re shopping for airline tickets it best to make sure you’re getting the best deal available. To do this you’ll need to visit all the major airline ticket website and find the best deals on offer.

You should also employ some cheap travel strategies – little tricks that can save you a lot of money in the end.

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