Finding the Lowest Airfare

Begin your search for the lowest airfares or really cheap airline tickets by making sure you online travel on a Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday and that you stay overnight on a Saturday.

Many airlines have RED-EYE flights which depart late in the evening or early in the morning. You’ll find that these flights tend to offer the lowest airfares. Ask for these special flights when calling the reservation department. Most of these flights will return to their hub-station, so they can reduce airfares by as much as 25%.

Check the Google listing above and in the right hand panel for the lowest airfare websites or go to Travelocity and book online at one of the biggest airline ticket reservation websites.
Click here to visit Travelocity.

Avoid departing on Fri-Sat-Sun and Mondays. You deffinately won’t find the lowest airfares on these flights. Airfares could be 25% - 50% higher on these popular days.

Even if you are traveling one-way check to see if it's cheaper to purchase a round-trip airline ticket. Amazingly, most airlines charge more on a one-way reservation.

Booking flights with a 21-day advance purchase will usually get the lowest airfares.
Airline tickets with less than a 7-days advanced purchase will cost as much as $900 or more, because they are considered last minute airline tickets.

Make holiday reservation 6-months in advance, but be sure of travel dates. Changing travel dates can be very costly.

Bidding for airfares? Unless you know the current market, it could turn out to be going once..twice..gotcha! So be careful when bidding for airline tickets online.

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