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A few months ago a friend of mine came back from Las Vegas with a little cash made on winnings, but something even more amazing, $1400 worth of free airline ticket vouchers!! She had to spend a few extra hours at the airport and go slightly out of her way on the flight home, but Delta rewarded her for this, big time.

Year after year I receive free airline tickets or really cheap airfare to my destinations, all for the rock bottom price of a few airline tickets purchased years ago!! If you know when and where to look, consider yourself onboard a free plane ride off to your next trip. The have to be quite flexible and willing to wait hours in an airport, not the easiest thing to do sometimes!

Here are the basics:

In a nutshell - for you to recieve a free airline ticket- airlines must overbook flights . Airline often do so to protect themselves against any no-shows or last minute airfare cancellations. Each seat is very valuable to the airline and they will almost never turn away anyone willing to pay the full airfare. Thus, if more people show up, someone has to give. If you are one of the people willing to give up your seat for a later flight you will get nicely compensated in return through either a free airline ticket voucher or an airfare voucher for a certain amount off your next flight, usually around $300 per seat given up. Such free airline ticket vouchers usually last one year, but if you are concerned about a future date, discuss that and possibly the free airline ticket voucher can be extended a few months. If you are lucky, it will be transferable if you want to give it to family, friends, or even sell it, I am not sure how often this happens however, so just plan on it being for your use only, like that’s hard!!

HERE THE DEAL - Getting Free Airline Tickets:

Here is the deal, flights with the greatest ability to be overbooked are usually those either in the AM or a PM weekday flight. In particular Monday morning and Friday afternoon, due to the influx of business travelers. Also before a holiday, or any other prime time people travel, for example, right before Thanksgiving, Christmas, or in March when the college students hit the air to go on spring break.

If free airline tickets is something that interests you, there are a few things to keep in mind. Either pack so you are able to bring your luggage on board with you, or make sure to bring at least the necessities for a day or two. If luggage is checked, it will go onto your destination and stay there until your arrival. Also if you are on a later flight and the next one leaves in the AM, ask for a hotel voucher, also popular are phone cards, to call family or friends and vouchers to airport restaurants, make sure to inquire about these also if interested.

Plan to arrive early, say over an hour to get the best chance. Approach the airline ticket counter and see if they are aware if the flight is full or overbooked. Inform the agents you are willing to voluntarily be bumped on a later flight and to put your name on a list for such. They will know exactly what you are talking about as they get this quite frequently.

Wait in the gate for everyone to board and if you are lucky, you will be called to the desk and offered a free airline ticket for a later flight in return for your seat…. this is your ticket to free air travel on future vacations…enjoy!!

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