How to bid for really cheap airline tickets

PART 3 of Airline Ticket Auctions Series
1) Getting airline tickets from as low as $1
2)How to find really cheap airline tickets auctions
3) How to bid for really cheap airline tickets

This post is the final of a three part series on bidding for really cheap airline tickets at online auctions. In the previous posts in this series we covered the fundamentals of bidding for really cheap airline tickets online at, and how to find really cheap airline tickets at this airline ticket auction website.

Part three of this series covers the all important topic of how to bid for really cheap airline tickets online.

After learning about the benefits of purchasing airline tickets at an online auction website and learning how to find the best airline ticket deals, all that is left to do is to begin bidding for the airline tickets.

As in any auction the winner is the highest bidder therefore you need to be a smart bidder if you wish to get really cheap airline tickets through an auction.

Bidding for these really cheap airline tickets is very simple.
Once you’ve completed your search your will see a list of airline ticket auctions.

Each auction listing will include the auction title, the current bid price, the departure dates, and the auction end date/time.

The current bid price is the current highest bid on the auction. In order to win the auction, your bid would have to exceed that price.

Bids start at $1 theme

The departure dates represent the range of time during which the travel can be taken. Many auctions have departure dates ranging from a few weeks long to almost a year long! Once you win the auction, you specify which dates within the departure date range works best for you.

The Auction Information Page provides details about the auction. It is also the location where you place your bid.

Visit and place a bid for some really cheap airline ticket deals now.
You only pay once you’ve won the auction.

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