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Finding great travel packages to go with those really cheap airline tickets you’ll find on this site just got a little easier…

While scouring through the net for the latest really cheap airline ticket deals this morning I happened to stumble upon a really nice travel blog
The site covers a wide range of travel topics and is maintained by a rather attractive looking travel agent from California [aren’t they all attractive] .

In her travel blog Darcy, reveals some interesting ways to find really cheap airline tickets and travel packages. You’ll find many posts covering topics such as Family Vacations, Honeymoons, Cruises, European Travel and Airfares.

Excerpt from a post about finding really cheap airline tickets online.
[...If you’re heading to Europe this summer - it’s going to be a very busy tourist season so be sure you have all your transportation and accommodation booked and confirmed. Besides joining an escorted tour, a popular way to tour “The Continent” is to fly from city to city. Save time, see more, make the most of your vacation...]

Click here to visit Darcy's blog

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