Searching for really cheap airline tickets

Like many travelers, I search for really cheap airline tickets online. It's convenient, and, by buying directly from airline's Websites, travelers can avoid paying the service fee of $10 to $35 that travel agencies, including online ones, charge per airline ticket.

And like me, many travelers have almost become their own travel agents in recent years doing their own searches for really cheap airline tickets, thanks to the Internet's ascendancy. But, many travelers are frustrated and feel like they aren't finding the cheapest airline tickets.

Airline Ticket deals are a constantly moving target, due to airlines' computerized "yield-management" systems. Airfares can be changed daily, sometimes hourly, depending upon how quickly seats are selling on a given flight. The higher the demand for seats, the higher the airline ticket price. And there can be more than a dozen fares on a single flight.

This summer, it could be hard to find really cheap airline tickets for both domestic and international plane trips.

Therefore you’ll need to be alert this summer, really cheap airline ticket deals can come and go really quickly.

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