How to find really cheap airline tickets auctions

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1) Getting airline tickets from as low as $1
2)How to find really cheap airline tickets auctions
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For the purpose of this article on how to find really cheap airline tickets auctions. I will be using is an example. offers travelers the opportunity to bid for airline tickets online. These airline ticket auctions begin from as low as $1 and you only pay if you win the auction.

The highest bidder is the winner and will receive the really cheap airline ticket deal. does not only offer really cheap plane tickets through its auctions – you can also find loads of really cheap travel packages and hotel deals.

Bids start at $1 theme

Here’s how to find really cheap airline tickets auctions:
To begin you’ll need to register an account with of cause, this will allow you the opportunity to bid for the really cheap plane tickets on offer.

Once you’re registered you’ll need to search for the relevant airline tickets. The cheapest Plane tickets to you destination.

To do this you can either browse through the airline ticket categories or use the search bar to find the best deals and airline ticket auctions to your specific destination.

The list of categories can be found on the homepage of Once you’ve selected your category you can narrow your search even further. You can search for auctions that are Air Only, Hotel Only, or Air and Hotel. You can also sort the listing into lowest bid or title

The allows you to search for and find really cheap airline ticket auctions by filling in the details of your search in the search bar. This is the quickest way to find really cheap airline tickets at

Once you’ve found the list of auctions available you can begin bidding and if you’re the winner of the auction your will be allowed to purchase those really cheap airline tickets.

Everything will be sorted out for you by, all you need to do is make sure you collect your plane tickets and board the plane – its as simple as that.
Really cheap plane tickets with very little effort.

In the NEXT POST we’ll look at how to bid on the plane ticket auctions
The PREVIOUS POST covered a full introduction to airline ticket auctions

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