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Updated: 8 June 2005

Book some really cheap airline tickets online and give the gift of travel this summer and jet offer to some of the best summer destinations.

With these really cheap airline tickets deals you can be spontaneous and getaway for a quick and really cheap summer break.

Really Cheap Airline Ticket Deals from

Departing From New York City

To: Boston Vicinity, MA from $166 per person
Wicked Smaahrt Look back on days of frivolous collegiate fun around Baahston.
Includes Airline Ticket, Hotel, Taxes & Fees

To: Orlando, FL from $204 per person
Pixie Dust or Bust! You don't need a fairy godmother to realize the streets of Orlando are sprinkled with magic.Includes Airline Ticket, Hotel, Taxes & Fees

To: Cleveland Vicinity, OH from $226 per person
Find all the charm of the northeast plus the walleye capital of the world in Cleveland's backyard
Includes Airline Ticket, Hotel, Taxes & Fees

And many more really really cheap airline tickets and travel packages.

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