Discount Last Minute Airfares

Finding discount last minute airline tickets

All over the Web, people are searching for discount last minute airfares -- often with the nagging feeling that a better deal dangles just a click away.
When searching for discount last minute airfares many factors will affect your success: how close you are to a major travel hub, how flexible you can be.... Before searching, check local newspapers for really cheap airfares so you'll know really cheap bargain airline ticket price when you see one. Be ready to act fast: some bargain last minute airfare expire quickly, and airlines' fares can change several times in one day.

There are four very different ways to find discount last minute airfares online, so de sure to read all the way down the page before you start your search!
Five Ways to Find Discount Fares

1. Find discount last minute airfares: Airline Ticket web sites
Enter a departure city and destination, and the Airline Ticket website will grind its way through its database, and look for really cheap airline tickets.
Travelocity and are some top airline ticket sites for finding bargain airfares.
Some of these sites let you be flexible about when you travel -- an excellent feature, as airfares can vary wildly from one day to another, even for flights on the same airline.

2. Websites with discount last minute airfares
Some websites specialize in gathering and promoting discount last minute airfares. These sites can be a good source of bargains, and are worth a visit during your quest for really cheap airline tickets.

3. Last Minute Airfare Discounts at Airlines Web sites
Most airlines websites now have sections for "Internet Specials".
Sometimes these bargain airfares are only available if booked online; other times, an extra discount is offered if flights are booked using the Web.
Another important reason to visit airlines Web sites is to sign up for bargain newsletters.

4. Find discount last minute airfares: Bargain-Alert Newsletters
At many airline websites and at many discount-airfare sites as well, you can sign up for free weekly emails that notify you about current bargains.
These notifiers are an excellent way to keep informed about deals

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