Consolidators offer cheap airfares

Airline Ticket Consolidators Offer The Lowest Airfares
Finding really cheap airline tickets: Using airline ticket consolidators.

What is an Airline Ticket Consolidator?

An airline ticket consolidator or bucket shop is a company who buys airline tickets from the airlines in bulk or carries its own contract with the airlines. They usually get very low airfares and higher commissions. This allows them to sell airline tickets at up to 50% less than published airfares. Some consolidators sell these tickets only to travel agents while others may sell them to the public as well.

Some Consolidators specialize in selling complex itineraries for travel around the world and others specialize in selling a particular destination or region. The value consolidators have to the airlines, is that they have the ability to sell empty seats at reduced fares without compromising the perceived value of a published airfare ticket.

Where can I find airline ticket consolidators?

You start by should looking in the Sunday travel section of large newspapers. Many local libraries have these Sunday papers and they can also be purchased at bookstores.

In the United States consolidator hubs are located in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Portland, Houston, Miami, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Dallas, Seattle, Boston, Minneapolis, Honolulu and San Diego.
International hubs are located in Australia, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Israel, England and Hong Kong.

There are many websites on the Internet containing a definitive list of consolidators. In the United Kingdom, try Travelocity ; they offer the online prices of major airline ticket consolidators.

The best place to find consolidators:
Consolidators often advertise in the Google listing, look out for the travel sites listed above and in the left hand panel.

Alternatively visit Travelocity for their list of really cheap airline tickets.

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