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In an effort to stem huge losses, the big U.S. airlines increased their domestic airline ticket prices recently by $10 to $20 roundtrip, depending on the length of the flight.

Stung by high fuel prices, the airline industry has attempted to raise airfares on many occasions over the past year. Only in the past few months have the price increases stuck, however.

The latest round of airfare increases was launched by American Airlines, which increased airline ticket prices systemwide on May 11 by $2-$6 roundtrip. Delta upped the ante the following day by raising their roundtrip airfares by $10 to $20. American then mimicked Delta on Friday 13 May.

It seems that finding really cheap airfares will become slightly tougher to find in the next few weeks. But – we keep a sharp way out for some really cheap airline tickets deals.

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