Really Cheap Airline Tickets

Finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets Online
Are you’re looking for really cheap airline tickets?

Really Cheap Airline Tickets

There is nothing more frustrating than to get on a plane and find out the guy in the seat next to you has paid $100 less for his airline ticket than you paid for yours.

Now you never have to worry. This is how to find really cheap airline tickets.

Ten Steps to Really Cheap Airline Tickets:

1. Call the airlines in the evening. If you call after 8PM. The airline reservation agent at the airlines will have more time to look at their computers to find you a really cheap airline ticket deal.

2. Book your airline tickets early. Summer destinations go up in mid June and winter destinations go up in early December. If you can travel at non peak times of the year you can save 25%.

3. Domestic flights are usually less expensive on the weekends and international flights are cheaper when you depart and arrive during the week.

4. If you are older than 62 use the senior citizen discount. Almost all airlines give a discount of up to 30%.

5. Others who can get discounts are clergy, government or military members, and medical students. Just ask.

6. When travelling because of a death or family discount ask the airlines for a bereavement air fare. These are not usually made public but many offer them if you inquire.

7. Fly in and out of smaller airports. These airports have less overhead and often compete for passengers with the hubs.

8. Buy from a consolidator. He buys unsold tickets from the airlines and sells them for at least 25% off the regular coach tickets.

9. Use your Entertainment coupon books. The often have discount vouchers or buy one get one free arrangements with the airlines.

10. I saved the one that I have used the most for last. I fly buy books of four tickets from a particular airline. The book of tickets cost me $300. I can fly anywhere this airline flies on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday before noon with the tickets. I can stay a week or I can stay a month. The only restrictions are I have to fly on those days.

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