News: NorthWest airline ticket price increase

NorthWest airline ticket price increase

It seems that finding really cheap airline tickets online is getting tougher every week.
Airfares have been increasing regularly this year putting more pressure on travellers.

Last week NorthWest Airline became the latest airline to announce an increase in airfares.
NorthWest Airline tickets aimed at business class travellers can expect to pay at least $50 more on their airfares.

The airline ticket price increase has once again been the result of fuel price increases and other airlines are expected to match this increase in airfares too.

Delta airlines have chosen not to match the $50 price increase initiated by NorthWest.

Besides the $50 increase, Eagan-based Northwest announced that it would add atwo-night minimum stay requirement to some fares that used to requirejust one night’s stay, and add $5 to $10 each way on fares that matchthose offered by discount carriers. American, Continental, and Deltasaid they matched the $5 to $10 increases.

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