Travel Experts offer their favorite money saving tips

With the recent strengthening of the dollar against the Euro and pound, it may be time for Americans to reconsider a European vacation. Travel experts on the ground in Europe say it's possible to stretch those greenbacks even further by keeping an eye out for bargains and taking advantage of the freebies offered in many cities.

Do Your Homework Before You Go

-- Check the Websites operated by European cities and tourist authorities. They often have schedules of free and discounted attractions.

-- The Web now features several comprehensive travel research sites. These sites have city, restaurant and attraction guides for European cities, as well as hotel reviews from European tourists who live in the U.S. and on the Continent. The sites offer unbiased information and they're free to browse.

Finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets:

-- For more affordable seats, try to fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday during the daytime hours.

-- Summer flights after August 15th will be less expensive.

-- Include a Saturday night stay if possible.

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Here are some tricks of the trade:

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