Finding the cheapest airfares

Cheapest Airfares
Finding the cheapest Airfares

If travelers ruled the world, getting to Europe this summer would be much cheaper, and the price of airline tickets would decrease as the departure date for a flight approached, like bread marked down as it gets older, though it's still plenty good for toast.

Unfortunately, the reverse is true. With the high season underway, tickets from the U.S. to Europe are unusually costly and scarce this summer, partly driven by demand. Colorado-based airline consolidator reported that 25% more travelers were heading to Europe this summer than last.

But we managed (once again) to find some really cheap plane tickets. There are come of the cheapest airfares available online, from three of the largest airline ticket websites.

You can save hundreds of dollars by capitalizing on these really cheap plane tickets:

Best Airline Tickets Deals:
- Fly American: Ft.Lauderdale to NYC, from $144
- Fly American: LA to NYC, from $204
- Fly American: Dallas to NYC, from $232
- Denver to Las Vegas, from $168
- Philadelphia to Las Vegas, from $194
- Detroit to Las Vegas, from $234


- New York City (LGA) to Chicago (ORD) from $209
- San Francisco to Seattle from $199


- Round trip flights to Atlanta, Georgia from:
Washington, District of Columbia (WAS) - $158
Charlotte, North Carolina (CLT) - $166
Indianapolis, Indiana (IND) - $176
Minneapolis, Minnesota (MSP) - $191

- Round trip flights to Fort Lauderdale, Florida (FLL) from
Orlando,Florida (MCO) – 115
Chicago, Illinois (CHI) – 138
Washington, District of Columbia (WAS) – 140
New York, New York (NYC) - 141

Find really cheap airline tickets online.

Finding the cheapest airfares
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