Airline Tips: Finding Cheap Airfares

Airline Tips: Finding Cheap Airline Tickets

Most airlines reload their computers at midnight, so as soon after that as possible is a good time to shop online for cheap airfare seats that folks might have reserved but not paid for. Be certain to pay close attention to time zone differences.

For international flights between major cities, it's difficult to find a cheaper airfare than the price of flying courier - often half or less than regular airfare. Of course, some restrictions apply.

When one airline announces a cheap airline ticket sale to a particular destination, chances are the others will soon follow suit, so be on the lookout for cheap airfares and check your computer.

Use the Internet to search out last minute weekend cheap airline tickets. Most airlines offer discounts on upcoming weekend cheap airfares. Start checking on Wednesday for the upcoming weekend.

When traveling in the United States, some cheap airfares and perhaps some of the cheapest airfares can be found on smaller airlines, which are partners to the major airlines, for instance Delta Express or Independence Air offer cheap airfares.

If you can't find a cheap airfare to your chosen city, it's often less expensive to fly to a nearby city using a cheap airfare, then fly on a cheap connecting flight to where you really want to be. Depending on the distance and the location, you might also be able to take a quick train or bus and save money.

Smart travelers know how to take advantage of overbooking and receive cheap airline tickets for their efforts. If you volunteer your seat when a flight is overbooked you can earn free flights and often cash from the airline; you won't find airfares any cheaper than free. If you don't necessarily have to be there at a certain time, volunteer to give up your seat if it becomes needed. Do this when you check in for your flight. Monday morning flights and Friday afternoon flights are the ones most likely to be overbooked.

  • When traveling to Washington DC, (DCA) always compare prices for cheap airfares into nearby Baltimore (BWI) or Dulles (IAD) instead, you can almost always find much cheaper airfares.

  • When flying into New York City (NYC), be sure to compare prices for cheap airfares into nearby Newark, New Jersey (EWR) instead.

  • When flying to Los Angeles (LAX), be sure to compare prices for cheap airfares into nearby Orange County (SNA), Burbank (BUR) or Ontario (California) (ONT) airports.

  • When flying to London (LON), be sure to compare prices for cheap airfares into nearby Birmingham (BHX) instead.

  • You can usually find cheap airfares on daytime flights from the US to London, cheaper than on night flights.

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