Continental voted 'Airline of the Year'

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The winner for the prestigious ‘Airline of the Year Award’ was recently announced. For the second consecutive year Continental managed to out perform Southwest and Jetblue to claim the award. Among the finalist were some of the biggest international airlines, such as British Airways, Singapore Air and Emirates.

Continental also took home top honours in the categories for ‘Best Executive/Business Class’ and ‘Best Airline based in North America’.

American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines all received nominations for ‘Best Airline Based in North America

For those searching for really cheap airline tickets, you’ll be interested to note that
American was awarded the ‘Best Economy/Coach Class’ airline, beating British Airways, Continental Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines

The awards were issued by travel specialty company OAG (of "Official Airline Guide" fame).
Click here for a complete list of winners.

What does this all mean to you and me?
Well the next time you’re hunting for some really cheap airline tickets, you’d want to check out American Airlines or Continental first of cause. It seems that service quality and value for money and be found more often on these airlines than on Southwest or United Airlines.

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