Cheap Airline Tickets & Harley-Davidsons

Finding Really Cheap Airline Tickets Online

In a very unique initiative Orbitz, a company which offers travelers a convenient way to find really cheap airline tickets online, and make Hotel reservations and car rentals at the same time, has launched a promotion which offers customers an opportunity to hire a Harley Davidson motorcycle.

When you book your really cheap airline ticket online at Orbiz you could one of the lucky travelers to enjoy a ride on one of the most famous motorcycles in the world. The promotion is not

"With millions of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts worldwide, this is a great addition to our travel offerings," said Alan Josephs, vice president of packaging at Orbitz. "Whether touring the West Coast on Hwy 1 or cruising down the Las Vegas strip in style, Orbitz customers can experience the sport that Harley-Davidson riders have been passionate about for decades."

Since launching its website, , to the general public in June 2001, Orbitz has become the third largest online travel site based on gross travel bookings.

Finding really cheap airline tickets online at Orbitz is really easy, customers are have a choice of over 455 different airlines. With so many airlines to choose from you’re guaranteed to find a really cheap airline ticket.

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